A happy generalist living in a world of specialists.

Hello. I'm an experienced and decorated Creative Director who has worked in both big and small shops in NYC and SF. From my early days of writing Super Bowl commercials to my most recent position at a technology-driven digital shop, I've covered the gamut of media and product categories.

I believe companies undervalue the importance of being likable.
I believe that people always feel something before they think something.
And I believe too much specialization can lead to stale ideas—if you're not careful. 

A little about me. I'm Swiss born, Houston raised, New York groomed and San Francisco smitten. My favorite part of being a writer is the moment of discovery, and my favorite part of being a creative director is positive mentorship. Winning new business isn't too bad either. I've performed improv theater for many years. I love it and thank it every day for how it's helped in this business.