I’m a flexible writer and creative leader who consistently produces effective, engaging work. I am strategy driven, and my writing brings a clever, approachable bent to any content or client. I’m experienced in everything from branding to lead gen, digital to traditional, consumer to b2b.

About me: I'm Swiss born, Houston raised, New York groomed and San Francisco smitten. My favorite part of being a creative director is positive mentorship, and my favorite part of being a writer is that moment of discovery. I've performed improv theater for many years. I love it and thank it every day for how it's helped in this business.

“If I was stuck on an island and the only way off was to come-up with a great concept or idea - Steve would be my lifeline phone call. He is simply a great idea guy.” Matt Hofherr, Co-Founder MUH-TAY-ZIK HOF-FER (now M/H VCCP)